Calling all Narrative Designers!

    The NDE is now part of the NDN! We foster, support, and nurture narrative designers and evangelize the burgeoning craft of Interactive Narrative Design. We have theorists, students, practitioners, dabblers, junkies, talent agents, and converts all on board to explore, learn and evolve, won’t you join us? We won’t bite, promise.

    In all arts and crafts movements refinement is born out of an evolving community of knowledge, groups of inspired individuals that together create and define a new lexicon which is to aid in the achievement of a higher form of being. We cover the confluence of design, engineering, and writing to actively give a voice to the talent which is making narrative design a reality in interactive entertainment studios around the world.

    Our Community features include:

    1. The Narrative Designer’s Encyclopedia a community wiki serving to create a common lexicon for our craft.
    2. The NDN Forums are dedicated to creating discussion, exploration and critique of interactive narrative design.
    3. The Narrative Design Explorer™ an e-publication dedicated to the outer limits of interactive storytelling.
    4. The Narrator™ an e-publication dedicated to our network talking shop.

    You can find out more @

    or on Linkedin:

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