Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Launch

    My first title with THQ and Relic Entertainment launched this past week and is currently the top selling PC game in North America according to Gamasutra. We created a wealth of content for a product that took less than a year to produce, while the current Metacritic score of 85 might seem pale in comparison to the first COH titles’ 93 I think the best reviews have yet to come. I find it interesting how some game “critics”, and yes I use that term loosely, seem to play 1/4 of the game before reviewing. It would be like hearing a review based on the first 100 pages of novel. Though I do realize finishing the single player game seems a daunting task. On another note, I’m glad my British slang seems to be going over well with those in the UK, it was hard to design speech for a colloquial English I knew little of.

    “The British – tea-drinking, moustache-twirling nancy-boys. Usually dastardly, or at the very least conniving. This much, Hollywood and games have taught us. Clearly, uber-RTS developers Relic have spent some time hanging out at branches of Wetherspoons, as they’ve managed to paint a rather more accurate portrait of the denizens of our sceptered isle, whose forces make up one of the two new factions in this World War II RTS ‘expandalone’. Apparently, we’re incredibly foul-mouthed, angry and violent. Sounds about right, really.” –Alec Meer EuroGamer

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